Cade Thompson is a 16 year old worship leader and songwriter who has encountered the presence of the Lord and is now committed to use his passion for music to lead others into a transforming experience with the presence of God. Cade has had an affinity with music since his toddler days when a preschool teacher noticed him harmonizing. In elementary school Cade normally progressed through piano and guitar lessons. As a sixth grader Cade was learning music through school activities when a youth leader from his church invited him to join the youth worship team. Soon, another youth leader took Cade under his wing, training him in multiple instruments, but also emphasized the importance of seeking God through the Bible outside of a worship setting. During this time Cade encountered the love of the Father and desires to lead others into that same encounter of knowing the love of God. The presence of God led Cade to make sacrifices to join his church worship team multiple days a week.

From the place of intimacy with God, Cade wrote and recorded his debut single “Faithful and True” as a 14 year old. Soon after, Cade released his second single “Treasures” with a debut music video as well. Both the video and the song “Treasures” have received international airplay on a variety of radio and streaming sites. Cade is a trained acoustic and bass guitarist, drummer, vocalist, and is developing his keyboard skills. Despite his youth Cade has had a consistent presence in the Sioux Falls and South Dakota community by either leading worship or joining worship teams as an instrumentalist or vocalist. Ministries or events Cade has worshiped with include Church at the Gate, Embrace Church, LifeLight Global Z8 Initiative, Underground House of Prayer, Gate House of Prayer, Sioux Falls Regional Outpouring, Vineyard Church, McCrossan Boys Ranch, Gathering of the Generals, 24 Hour Prayer in Pierre, Native Nations Ablaze, RiseFest Music Festival and LifeLight Music Festival among others.